Karl Beecher


Karl is a novelist and non-fiction author. Learn more about his work and see what he's been up to recently...

The Man with the Tick

Choosing between justice and ambition can be tougher than a...really tough thing.

Faulty Prophet

Colin Douglass is supposed to deliver a prophecy. Problem is, he forgot what to say...

Interstellar Caveman

A sci-fi-hating insurance man awakens from cryogenic freeze to find Earth is a wasteland, he's being pursued by a homicidal tourist board, and calculating dividends is as outdated as making stone axes.

Computational Thinking

A beginner's guide to problem-solving and programming

Learn to apply computational thinking in your software development to give you a head start in becoming an experienced and effective programmer.

Brown Dogs and Barbers

What's computer science all about?

A popular science book that explains the fundamentals of computer science to anyone – no expertise required.